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This page shows selected publicly available information related to professional work by Klaus Hofrichter. Please see also LinkedIn

2014 - Sony Retail Experience

Sony moved from their own retail stores to a store-in-store concept in partnership with Best Buy. More than 350 Best Buy locations within the United States have been selected to carry the "Sony Retail Experience", which for the first time featured Internet Access in the retail location. The San Diego team designed, developed and installed the UX, the retail installation and software. It featured remote software update, content update to a local cache storage, metric gathering and device control based on consumer input on a touchscreen. 
Sony Retail Experience

2013 - Sony 4K Video Unlimited Storefront

Sony launched the 4K Video Unlimited store for it's 2013 4K TVs. The store works with the FMP-X1 4K content server, that can be controlled by the TV HTML5 app or a Tablet App on Google Play, supporting 4K products without HTML browser. The storefront for both TV and tablet was developed in San Diego.   

2012 - Sony 4K UHD Experience

Sony introduced the first 4K content distribution system with the 84" 4K TV. There is an instruction video about the Sony 4K UHD Experience available at the Sony Store. The tablet application, the 4K server and the content processing pipeline have been developed in San Diego. 

2012 - Watch Now for the Sony Xperia Tablet S

The Sony Watch Now application is a social EPG developed in San Diego. It is featured at YouTube and on the Sony Store Web Site. It features metadata from Gracenote and posting options to Facebook, Twitter and GetGlue. The app can be downloaded from Google Play. (Update: Watch Now is now merged with Sony's TV Side View, and the original Watch Now is discontinued).
Watch Now on the Sony Store  Watch Now on YouTube

2012 - Sony Google TV Box NGZ-GS7

The Sony Google TV Box NGZ-GS7 can be bought online. Sony specific software and overall system integration was done mainly in San Diego, as well as day-to-day work with SoC vendor from design to shipping. The YouTube video shows towards the end also the Socialife application developed in San Diego. Socialife connects to social networks and provides a TV-friendly way to browse postings. 

2011 - Sony Dream House

The San Diego team established a "Dream House" in San Diego with all the good Sony equipment, and a user experience / user testing facility. SGNL covered it in 2011. There is another actually quite funny movie shot at the Dream House at YouTube. 

2010 - Developer.Sony.Com

The Sony 3rd party developer portal is run by the San Diego team.

2007 - PS3 Folding at Home

The Folding at Home application on PS3 was developed in Foster City and was part of the PS3 firmware from 2007 to 2012. Once released, it did not take long to reach more than one petaflop distributed computing performance, a Guinness record (Guinness site)
Folding At Home PS3 Client  Folding At Home PS3 Client

2006 - PS3 Console

The Foster City team contributed various software components that shipped with the PS3 console, such as the Open GL library or the codec for AV chat. 
PS3 Console  Dualshock

2000-2006 - Twonky Media

The TwonkyMedia DLNA/UPnP server was the main product of TwonkyVision. It became worldwide popular with the PC and Mac version, and achieved market share leadership for NAS and other embedded devices after the acquisition by Packet Video in 2006. It evolved through to a media portal with air-play like features.